Friday, 21 September 2012


The new fourth generation Range Rover will be the last word in 4x4 luxury as well as performance, aiming at a burgeoning £100,000 plus market.

These might be straightened economic times for many people but there is plenty of demand for high-end luxury in many parts of the world.

Talking at the unveil for the new Range Rover last night, global product marketing manager Finbar McFall said: "We will certainly be targeting those buyers but we will not forsake our heartland."

That means there will be plenty of sub-£100,000 models. In fact there will be a staggering 18,000 options from which to choose taking in the myriad interior and exterior choices, including lavish leathers and wonderful woods.

At the very top end you can even specify a 29-speaker Meridian audio system with sub woofer which the Range Rover people claim is the best sound you will find in any car.

McFall said: "Following on from the launch of the Evoque last year this brand has momentum and ambition. Demand for the Evoque remains strong around the world and we have added a third shift and round-the-clock, 24-hour assembly at our Halewood plant.

"With the fourth generation Range Rover we have listened to our customers who told us not to change the Range Rover, just make it better."

In terms of making it better, engineers and designers set themselves a staggering 175,000 targets for the new model and the result is a lighter, more refined, more efficient and more durable model.

It is 27mm longer and has a slightly lower roof line giving the big Range Rover a more dynamic look and manages to achieve more head, leg and elbow room.

The engineers have saved some 420kg in weight, which means they have been able to offer a smaller diesel engine, the 3-litre TDV6, for the first time. This provides 258hp and a 7.4 second 0-60 sprint.

There is also a re-worked version of the current 4.4-litre TDV8 diesel along with the 510hp supercharged petrol engine.

Also coming will be a hybrid which chief programme engineer Alex Heslop said has "all the capabilities on and off road of any Range Rover. It will be the most capable hybrid 4x4 ever."

The hybrid will use a 50kw lithium ion battery working with the 3-litre TDV6.

The new Range Rover also adds the panoramic sunroof first seen on the Evoque which has seen a 70 per cent take up of this option.

The latest model will make its show debut in Paris at the end of this month and is due to go on sale from January.

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